Today, dairy industry is the life line business of many developing countries. The dairy business includes milk processing, pasteurization and production of ghee, paneer, cheese, yogurt etc. milk products. Milk processing plant aka dairy plant is bigger hence need to purchase more automatic machinery which keeps manufacturing costs lower.

Dairy equipment is machines that help in fulfill multi purpose task in dairy plant regarded with the collecting and processing of milk. Brazil is counted as a top listed country for dairy industries. Our company is engaged in export wide range of dairy equipment in many cities of Brazil such as Rio De Janeiro, Salvador, Curitiba, Manaus, Belo Horizonte, Racife, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre, Natal and Campinas.

We have manufactured dairy equipment with the support of highly qualified technocrats and with R & D on needs of dairy plants. Our milking machines are successfully caters in Olinda, Aracaju, Teresina, Blumenau, joinvile, São Paulo, Brasília, São Luís, Maceió, Santo André and many more cities across Brazil.